The Official jQuery Podcast

A weekly show that aims to interview key members of the jQuery Community and present jQuery news from the past week. The show is co-hosted by Ralph Whitbeck and Rey Bango both members of the jQuery Developer Relations team.

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46 - Q&A Panel from jQCon

John Resig, Richard Worth, Adam Sontag, Dan Heberden, Leah Silber and Scott Jehl answers questions from the audience at jQuery Conference 2011 in San Francisco.

45 - jQuery UI Keynote

Richard D. Worth presents the state of jQuery UI and a preview of the jQuery UI Grid project from the jQuery Conference 2011: San Francisco Bay Area.

44 - jQuery 1.5 - 1.6.1

We talk with jQuery Core Team Member Dave Methvin about the last few releases.

43 - RewardJS

Talk with Richard D. Worth about his personal project RewardJS to reward developers to fix bugs.

42 - jQuery Mobile Keynote

Todd Parker and Scott Jehl deliver the jQuery Mobile keynote from the jQuery Conference 2011: SF BAy Area. Follow along with the slides.

41 - jQuery Keynote

John Resig delivers the jQuery Keynote from the jQuery Conference 2011: SF Bay Area. Follow along with the slides.

40 - Wijmo

Chris Bannon from ComponentOne talks about Wijmo a new UI Library based on jQuery UI.

39 - jQuery Mobile

John Resig joins us to talk about jQuery Mobile.

38 - jQuery 1.4.3

John Resig joins us to talk about the latest jQuery release, 1.4.3.

37 - Ben Nadel

Fresh off the jQuery Conference 2010: Boston, we sit down with Ben Nadel and talk about the conference. Ben tells us about what he learned and tells us about the awesome photo he got with the jQuery Community. Ben’s a jQuery spokesperson for the Cold Fusion community and we talk about that as well.

36 - Bocoup

We sit down with Boaz Sender and Ben Alman who both work for Bocoup in Boston, MA. We discuss Bocoup from their clients to their open source contributions. Bocoup is providing the pre-conference training in Boston and we talk about the training class and the advance classes that are also offered. Bocoup Loft also hosts many events including jQuery Meetups in Boston.

35 - jQuery UI 1.8.5

Scott González, Lead Developer for jQuery UI joins us to talk about the latest release of jQuery UI and the road ahead.

34 - Karl Swedberg pt. 2

Karl Swedberg joins us again this week to chat about Learning jQuery and the upcoming jQuery conference.

33 - Karl Swedberg pt. 1

Karl Swedberg joins us this week to chat about the community needs of jQuery and what we know now nine months after has launched.

32 - Dave Ward

Talk with Dave Ward about the Master jQuery series on Tekpub and caching on Google CDN, etc.

31 - Filament Group

We talk to the folks at Filament Group about Progressive Enhancement, jQuery UI and Mobile..

30 - Chris Coyier

We talk to Chris Coyier about jQuery, and Wufoo .

29 - Rey Bomb 3

We talk about a new front-end focused tutorial site, Script Junkies and we talk about the mobile strategy of jQuery.

28 - Remy Sharp pt. 3 (jQuery for Designers)

This week we sat down and talked with Remy Sharp and discussed jQuery for Designers, Full Frontal JavaScript Conference, Snap Bird and have a little fun.

27 - Remy Sharp pt. 2 (HTML5)

This week we sat down and talked with Remy Sharp and discussed HTML5.

26 - Remy Sharp pt. 1 (

This week we sat down and talked with Remy Sharp and discussed a site to try out and share HTML and JavaScript quickly and easily.

25 - Meeno Van Slooten

This week we sat down with Meeno Van Slooten who was a speaker at the Bay Area jQuery Conference 2010 and showed off a cool new UI Testing Framework he developed.

24 - yayQuery

This week we sat down with the yayQuery hosts and discuss a bunch of topics.

23 - Nicholas Zakas

This week we sat down with Nicholas Zakas to talk about High Performance JavaScript.

22 - James Senior

This week we sat down with James Senior a Web Technology evangelist at Microsoft and discussed jQuery/Microsoft. We also announce Rey Bango as the new co-host of the show.

21 - Rey Bomb 2

This week we discuss JSConf, Rey's new position at Microsoft, Microsoft/jQuery relationship and jQuery Conference. This is also the last show for Elijah and he is stepping down to spend more time with family.

20 - Barcamp Rochester

This week we provide you with three short interviews recorded at Barcamp Rochester earlier this month. John Resig gives us an update on the state of jQuery. Benjamin DeLillo tells us about a new WebGL library called WebGLU and Mich Cook of Yahoo introduces us to YUI3.

19 - jQuery in Action, 2nd Ed.

This week we talked with Yehuda Katz and Bear Bibeault about the upcoming second edition of the popular jQuery in Action book from Manning.

18 - Jeffery Way (Nettuts)

This week we talked with Jeffrey Way. He is the editor of Nettuts+, and the Site Manager of ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. Jeffrey gives an overview of the Nettuts+ website and explains why their tutorials focus so much on jQuery and gives some examples of recent jQuery related articles.

17 - jQuery UI 1.8

We talked last week with the jQuery UI team right before the launch of jQuery UI 1.8, Richard D. Worth, Scott Gonzalez, Mike Hostetler and Doug Neiner filled in for Elijah. We discuss the final release of jQuery UI 1.8.

16 - jQuery Meetups

We talk with Cody Lindley, Jonathan Sharp and Boaz Sender about and try to help come up with ideas and process for hosting jQuery Meetups in your area.

15 - John Resig (1.4.1 - 1.4.2)

We talk with John Resig about jQuery 1.4.1 and jQuery 1.4.2 as well as what's ahead in jQuery 1.4.3 and beyond.

14 - Phil Haack

We talk with Phil Haack of Microsoft to talk about how jQuery is now included in Visual Studio and ASP.NET MVC and how easy it is to use.

13 - David Walsh

We talk with Mootools developer David Walsh and discuss the relationship between our teams and compare the libraries.

12 - Rey Bomb 1

We talk about jQuery at a casual level and try to discuss some topics we normally wouldn't during an interview episode.

11 - Yehuda Katz

Our last show while in Washington DC we sat down and talked with Yehuda Katz about Rails 3 and jQuery.

10 - appendTo

We took the opportunity to sit down with Mike Hostetler and Jonathon Sharp to discuss appendTo. The first jQuery company that provides support, training and consultation at the Enterprise level.

9 - David Artz, Aol.

We took the opportunity to sit down with David Artz and discuss how jQuery is used at Aol.

8 -

The jQuery Documentation got a major facelift and was released during the 14 Days of jQuery. In this episode we are at the Aol headquarters in Washington DC filming video and releasing jQuery 1.4 for the 14 Days of jQuery. In this episode we talk with Karl Swedberg and Paul Irish about the new documentation site.

7 - jQuery 1.4 (John Resig)

We are in Washington DC and we are all sitting face-to-face with John Resig as we talk about the jQuery 1.4 Release.

6 - Ben Alman

We talk with Ben Alman about writing plugins and contributing to jQuery. Elijah joins us after getting braces on, much hilarity ensues.

5 - Rey Bango

Rey Bango is the Head jQuery Evangelist, he talks with us about evangelism and what to expect in 2010.

4 - Cody Lindley

Cody Lindley is the author of the e-book jQuery Enlightenment and the coauthor of jQuery Cookbook. Learn all about the recently released jQuery books.

3 - Paul Irish

Paul Irish is a front-end developer and co-host of the other jQuery podcast called yayQuery.

2 - Richard D. Worth

Richard D. Worth, Release Manager for the jQuery UI project joins us to explain jQuery UI and how you can contribute.

1 - John Resig

John Resig joins us on our first podcast to talk jQuery, the Software Freedom Conservancy, the upcoming 1.4 release and why Google Groups is dead.