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We took the opportunity to sit down with Mike Hostetler and Jonathon Sharp to discuss appendTo. The first jQuery company that provides support, training and consultation at the Enterprise level.

Host: Ralph Whitbeck & Elijah Manor.


During the 14 Days of jQuery recordings, Elijah and Ralph sat down with appendTo cofounders Mike Hostetler and Jonathan Sharp. We discuss the company’s mission, services and client experiences.

appendTo, provides training, support and consulting services to programmers and end-user enterprises who adapt jQuery into their front-end web development strategies. We provide world-class service and superior knowledge of jQuery and its uses in creating superior customer experiences.


We thank our jQuery14.com sponsors, publishers and our gracious donors, all 653 of you.

Plugin of the week

This week Ralph picked the GMap plugin developed by Cedric Kastner. A jQuery plugin that makes working with the Google Maps API easy. This plugin will be very handy by making it easy to plugin in coordinates that will be available with the geolocation services that are going to be apart HTML 5 spec.

Tutorial of the week

This week Elijah picked a tutorial from NETTUS called How to Test your JavaScript Code with QUnit. From the tutorial, “QUnit, developed by the jQuery team, is a great framework for unit testing your JavaScript. In this tutorial, I’ll introduce what QUnit specifically is, and why you should care about rigorously testing your code.” http://docs.jquery.com/QUnit, https://github.com/jquery/qunit.

We also mention TestSwarm a distributed JavaScript testing service. testswarm.com, https://github.com/jquery/testswarm.

Finally, Ralph brings attention to the backwards incompatiability of jQuery 1.4 “jQuery() (with no arguments) no longer converts to jQuery(document).” Read more at http://api.jquery.com/jquery.

Congratulations to the new jQuery Team Members:

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