The hosts of the Official jQuery Podcast.

Ralph Whitbeck

Executive Producer and Co-host

Ralph is a senior web application engineer at BrandLogic Corporation where he builds rich internet applications with jQuery for Fortune 500 companies. Ralph is a coauthor of O’Reilly’s jQuery Cookbook. Ralph is a jQuery Team member on the developer relations team.

Rey Bango


Rey Bango is a Microsoft Program Manager living in South Florida, specializing in web application development. Known for his passion for jQuery, approachable demeanor, and community-centric focus, Rey works tirelessly to promote the benefits of the jQuery project and assist the community by ensuring they have the information necessary to be successful. He’s well-respected within the JavaScript community for his desire to promote unity and cooperation within the various JavaScript projects and his contributions as a writer for Ajaxian.com.

Behind the Scenes

These people help make the show great by helping out where they can.

Elijah Manor

Former Co-host/Planning

Elijah Manor is a Christian and a family man. He develops at appendTo as a Senior Developer providing corporate jQuery support, training, and consulting. He is an ASP.NET MVP and an ASPInsider and specializes in ASP.NET MVC and jQuery. He has written several articles for the MSDN Script Junkie website and enjoys blogging about the things he learns. He is also active on Twitter and provides daily up-to-date Tech Tweets.

Jonathan Sharp

Infrastructure Support

Jonathan Sharp has been passionate about the internet and web development since 1996 and currently lives in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. Jonathan became involved with The jQuery Project in early 2006 when he first started using jQuery in developing enterprise applications. Jonathan works on Web & Infrastructure Team. Jonathan is also a co-author of the jQuery Cookbook (O’Reilly 2009) and presents on jQuery at conferences such as The jQuery Conference (2008/9) and StackOverflow Dev Days, Austin. Jonathan also runs the Omaha jQuery Meetup and speaks at other local groups and events. In additional to speaking, Jonathan is the President of appendTo which provides Enterprise jQuery Training, Support and Consulting services.

Doug Neiner

Fill-in Host

Doug Neiner is responsible for providing design direction and development support as the existing jQuery sites are updated and as new sites are launched. With a love for graphic design and a passion for new technology, Doug is an active contributor to the open source community. He has released various projects including In-Field Labels jQuery Plugin and Downloadify client side file generation. Doug is the Senior Designer at appendTo and is also an editor at Fuel Your Coding. To relax, Doug enjoys photography, Halo multi-player and spending time with his awesome wife and wonderful kids.