9 - David Artz, Aol.

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We took the opportunity to sit down with David Artz and discuss how jQuery is used at Aol.

Host: Ralph Whitbeck & Elijah Manor.


In this prerecorded episode from Washington DC, we sit down with David Artz, Director of Website Optimization at Aol. David talks to us about the conviences and challenges of using jQuery at the enterprise level.

Plugin of the week

We have a little fun this week and play the new theme music for Ben Alman’s plugins. You might remember Ben from episode 6.

Tutorial of the Week

Elijah recommends that you watch all of Paul Irish’s jQuery 1.4 Hawtness videos.

In addition, Elijah also recommends Ralph’s recent jQuery 1.4 Gives Us a New Way to Zebra Stripe blog post.

Even though this example isn’t the most efficient way to do zebra striping, it is a good example that demonstrates the new setter function that is now available in many methods in jQuery.

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