11 - Yehuda Katz

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Our last show while in Washington DC we sat down and talked with Yehuda Katz about Rails 3 and jQuery.

Host: Ralph Whitbeck & Elijah Manor.


In our final episode from the 14 Days of jQuery recordings in Washington, DC, Ralph and Elijah sat down with Yehuda Katz, core team member of the Rails and jQuery teams. We discuss the new hooks that are coming in Ruby on Rails that allow it to use jQuery natively.

Note: Since we’ve recorded this episode Ruby on Rails 3 Beta has been released.


We thank our jQuery14.com sponsors, publishers and our gracious donors, all 653 of you.

Plugin of the week

Ralph picks the Quicksand jQuery Plugin devloped by Jacek Galanciak as this weeks plugin of the week. Quicksand allows you to reorder and filter items with a nice shuffling animation.

Quicksand uses Easing effects and you can use the Easing plugins from jQuery UI.

“Transition” music, “Whip It” by Devo – the Devo hat was the inspiration for the original jQuery Logo and is still represented in our current identity.

Tutorial of the week

Elijah picks a couple of Tutorials the first being David Walsh’s “Fancy FAQs with jQuery Sliders.” A simple technique for creating a collapsible FAQ page. The second tutorial is from Scott Guthrie and his blog post about the jQuery 1.4.1 VSDOC file now available. If you want instructions on how to use the VSDOC you can read the tutorial on Learning jQuery. You can download the file for Visual Studio on the jQuery download page and look for Visual Studio link under 1.4.1.

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