12 - Rey Bomb 1

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We talk about jQuery at a casual level and try to discuss some topics we normally wouldn't during an interview episode.

Host: Ralph Whitbeck & Elijah Manor.


This week Elijah Manor is attending the MVP Summit at Microsoft so Ralph Whitbeck sits down with fellow Developer Relation members Rey Bango, Cody Lindley and Karl Swedberg. Additionally, we had Doug Neiner of Fuel Your Coding on to talk about everything jQuery.

We discuss the reactions to 14 Days of jQuery, Pros and Cons of the new API site, jQuery UI as well as many other topics. We also answered a listener question.

Listener Question

“This is Roger Phillips from San Antonio. I’d like the Official jQuery Podcast to dig into ajax error handling with jQuery. There’s only a few scattered bits of best practices for this throughout the web and I’d like to hear how you guys handle it. And while your at it discuss the header that gets added to the ajax method, I can’t find any docs on it. And thanks to Yehuda Katz for the tip a couple of weeks ago. Thank you Guys.”

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