26 - Remy Sharp pt. 1 (jsbin.com)

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This week we sat down and talked with Remy Sharp and discussed jsbin.com a site to try out and share HTML and JavaScript quickly and easily.

Host: Ralph Whitbeck & Rey Bango.


This week Ralph Whitbeck and Rey Bango talked with jQuery Developer Relations team member, Remy Sharp. We had an awesome long conversation with Remy. We’ve broke up his interview into three episodes. In this first episode we talk with Remy about jsbin.com, a quick and easy way to test javascript with html and be able to share and refine with others.

Find out what the inspiration was for jsbin. Find out how you can use jsbin to share JavaScript code with others. What is planned for future features and the challenges in making jsbin work on mobile devices like iPad/iPhone. In the upcoming episodes we will be discussing HTML5 and jQuery for Designers which will be released in the coming weeks.

Links mentioned

Plugin of the week

jQuery UI 1.8.2

A recently released maintenance release for the UI Library makes the plugin of the week.

Tutorial of the week

A jQuery UI Combobox: Under the hood by Jörn Zaefferer.

Jörn Zaefferer walks us through the code behind widgets like autocomplete and combobox. A great look at the widget factory.

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