16 - jQuery Meetups

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We talk with Cody Lindley, Jonathan Sharp and Boaz Sender about meetups.jquery.com and try to help come up with ideas and process for hosting jQuery Meetups in your area.

Host: Ralph Whitbeck & Elijah Manor.


This week Ralph and Elijah sit down and talk with Cody Lindley, Jonathan Sharp, and Boaz Sender about jQuery Meetups. We define what a jQuery Meetup is and discuss what is involved in making a successful meetup.

We also discuss the Microsoft/jQuery announcements that were made at MIX 2010 this week.

This Week in jQuery (Mix10)

There was an announcement of Microsoft investing full-time resources that will be contributing features to the jQuery core. These contributions will be platform neutral and will follow the same process of contributing that the community follows. The jQuery team has the final say as to what finally gets accepted into the jQuery core.

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