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John Resig joins us on our first podcast to talk jQuery, the Software Freedom Conservancy, the upcoming 1.4 release and why Google Groups is dead.

Host: Ralph Whitbeck & Elijah Manor.


On Wednesday night, Ralph Whitbeck and Elijah Manor recorded the first of many weekly episodes that aim to interview key members of the jQuery Community while bringing you the top news from the past week.

Our guest this week was jQuery creator, John Resig. Future shows will have guests such as Richard D. Worth (jQuery UI Release Manager), Paul Irish (yayQuery podcast), Rey Bango (jQuery Evangelist), Ben Alman (jQuery Plugin Author) plus many more.

Question from Listeners

Paul Irish – What can the jQuery community do to help push out the jQuery 1.4 release? I know there’s a lot to do with the release notes and such, but what can the average jQuery community member do to help?

Ernie Bello – Just curious what the process is for deciding what goes in or what comes out from the API?

This Week in jQuery

Wrap up

You can find our guest at:

Join us next week when our guest will be jQuery UI’s Release Manager, Richard D. Worth.

See you next week!

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