» Announcing the Official jQuery Podcast

Posted November 13th, 2009 by Ralph Whitbeck

On Wednesday night, Ralph Whitbeck and Elijah Manor recorded the first of many weekly episodes that aim to interview key members of the jQuery Community while bringing you the top news from the past week.

We will be recording and streaming the audio live each Wednesday night at 10PM EST on uStream. You can also subscribe to the show via iTunes or via the RSS Feed.
Our guest this week was jQuery creator, John Resig. Future shows will have guests such as Richard D. Worth (jQuery UI Release Manager), Paul Irish (yayQuery podcast), Rey Bango (jQuery Evangelist), Ben Alman (jQuery Plugin Author) plus many more.

We will be posting the show notes on the blog each week below is the show note for episode 1.

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You can subscribe to the show in iTunes or via the raw RSS feed or you can download the MP3.